Transforming PPC Advertising for a Leading Auto Center Group

CreativeSparksAgency was approached by UK autocentre group with the primary goals of boosting conversion value and ROAS while decreasing CPCs across their entire account. Additionally, they sought to achieve these objectives not only at the account level but also across their extensive network of over 40 individual branches.

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About the project

With more than 40 locations across the country, our client is regarded as one of England's best auto center groups. They offer a comprehensive range of garage services, such as MOTs, servicing, clutch and brake installation, and manual transmission installation.

The company has been around since the seventies. The organization has had a remarkable period of change, from beginning as a clutch expert to providing a full range of auto center services. The original company expanded into the sizable, vibrant automotive organization it is today thanks to the owners' vision while staying faithful to its original ideals.

The project challenge

Although each branch was divided up for a particular service in each campaign and the original CPC was over £1 on average, the lack of a strong negative keyword funnel resulted in the similarity of the keywords within each campaign, which led to inaccurate audience targeting and duplicate search term auction entries from multiple campaigns.

The project approach

We had to start by completely overhauling the account structure from a paid search standpoint due to the difficulties we were experiencing with the prior structure.

The client was initially unsure about the extent of modifying the account structure on a large scale, so we concluded that tackling the revamp in stages would be the best course of action. We implemented many branch samples of restructuring as part of this plan to soothe the client's concerns.

Since the customer gives each branch a unique monthly budget, it was necessary and significant to build a new structure that split each auto center branch into its campaign. We can now spot performance gains by evaluating the data from our daily budget tracker on a monthly reporting basis. We can do routine A/B tests to compare landing pages and ad text across various branches.

The results

By implementing account-wide structural optimizations, conducting regular account maintenance tasks such as search query reports, and expanding negative keyword lists, we have successfully sustained positive performance. Furthermore, we enhanced location targeting for each branch and completely revamped outdated ad copy messaging, contributing to the overall success.

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