Improving Organic Visibility and Lead Generation for an Irish Insurance Broker

Our project with a top internet insurance broker in Ireland aimed to enhance organic visibility and attract qualified leads for increased conversions. Through strategic SEO techniques and content marketing, we optimized their website, targeted high-opportunity keywords, and created engaging content.

Design assets for this project

About the project

Our client, one of Ireland's top internet insurance brokers, operates under the principle of offering the best coverage at the best price. The company wants to make finding all forms of insurance more handy than ever by making it as easy and quick as possible.

The project objectives

We fully understood the brand's present stance thanks to our thorough examination of the firm website (including backlink research), competitors, and the market, which enabled us to develop a strategy that was centered on:

  • enhancing organic visibility through improved SERP positioning;
  • improving the site's traffic quality (by attracting more qualified leads) will increase the likelihood that those leads will convert.

'Car insurance', 'house insurance', 'business insurance', 'life insurance', and mortgage protection insurance' was selected as high-opportunity keyword targets to concentrate on for SEO work.

The project approach

We determined that the following would be the appropriate areas of emphasis for this strategy's execution:

  • enhancing current web content to seize long-tail keyword chances;
  • utilizing content marketing to raise brand recognition, generate new leads, and strengthen client's backlink profile.

A strategy plan outlining gaps where there were chances to construct new pages with the long tail keyword emphasis previously discovered was created using customized keyword research and analysis of the client's on-site content. After the customer approved, our content team produced the necessary assets that met our strict "SURE" standards (substantial, unique, relevant, and engaging) and uploaded them to the website.

Additionally, we created original, creative content that people want to share to boost lead generation, help the client's website rank higher in organic search results, and position our client as an authority on driving safety.

The results

Our client achieved through a strategic SEO campaign in the insurance sector. The implementation of effective optimization techniques led to a substantial increase of 131% in organic sessions and a remarkable 196% surge in conversions. Additionally, notable improvements in search engine rankings were achieved, with positions for key insurance categories such as Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Home Insurance, and Business Insurance experiencing significant advancements.

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