Promoting Eco-Friendly Products for Enhanced Engagement and Market Share

Utilizing promoted Instagram Stories, we successfully generated increased brand awareness for this eCommerce company’s new product line.

Design assets for this project

About the project

Our client provides a range of goods with less plastic in the packaging than any other competitor today. Their products come in dissolvable tablets with a minimum negative impact on the environment and maximum positive impact on the consumer's conscience and sense of involvement in being part of the solution to climate change. In addition, this also maximizes transportation effectiveness, as there is no liquid in the products.

The project challenge

Our client's representative came to us looking for a way to spread the word about their brand-new eco-friendly product, completely dissolvable washing tablets for both dishes and laundry, and seize market share for natural cleaning products. They collaborated with our marketing and analytics teams to establish a strategy for broadly promoting their products.

The project approach

Our client chose to use our Premium Social Amplification service, utilizing our new Instagram Stories option, since they wanted to bring their brand name and product offerings in front of a particular audience. These Instagram stories allow targeting particular audiences, making them ideal for younger Instagram users, which is a sound strategy as the younger generations tend to be a lot more environmentally conscious and are more receptive to the idea of changing the products they use in their day-to-day lives.

Photographs and short videos that show separately from user feeds and are accessible for 24 hours make up the main parts of the promoted content. We advertise them for a month while letting users share and bookmark content. These advertisements have an organic, Instagram-native look and feel, which helps prevent alienating audiences that are very sensitive to constructed narratives.

The results

The implementation of our service, specifically through promoted Instagram Stories, proved highly effective in achieving the client's goals. By targeting a specific audience, particularly environmentally conscious younger Instagram users, we successfully showcased the brand's eco-friendly dissolvable washing tablets. Over the course of a month, the promoted content, consisting of visually appealing photographs and short videos, garnered significant engagement, allowing users to share and bookmark the content. The organic, Instagram-native look and feel of the advertisements ensured maximum audience receptivity and contributed to the brand's overall success in spreading awareness and seizing market share for natural cleaning products.

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