Pricing Policy

What is a Pricing Policy?

A pricing policy is a strategic approach that we adopt to determine the prices at which we offer our services to the market. This policy allows businesses to establish varying prices for different products while ensuring sustained profitability. A transparent pricing strategy is valuable for any business as it enables swift price modifications and capitalization of a product's advantages in one or more markets.

Our Pricing Policy in Detail

After receiving an order with CreativeSparksAgency (hereinafter referred to as Blue Pebble Unipessoal TLD), we ask for a moment to estimate the duration required to cater to your specific case. Once our evaluation is complete, you can access the completion date and cost details through your account page. If you are satisfied with the proposed terms, you may proceed with payment, and we will commence work immediately.

Our service charges are based on an hourly rate, as outlined in the table below. The final cost for each case is determined by the number of hours specified in the project requirements. In the event of production delays leading to a project deadline extension, there will be no additional charges. It is important to note that our working hours are from Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and national holidays, with a standard duration of seven hours per day.

ServicePrice Per Hour
Social Media Marketing$20
Search Engines Optimization$50
PPC Advertising$15
Content Marketing$25
Design of Marketing Assets$10