Pet eCommerce Retail Brand: How We Built a Strong Brand Identity Creating Marketing Assets

Welcome to our portfolio case study highlighting our collaboration with a modern eCommerce company dedicated to promoting pet adoption and animal rescue initiatives worldwide.

Design assets for this project

About the project

Our main client and partner in this project is a modern eCommerce company that promotes the values of pet adoption and animal rescue initiatives worldwide. The corporation sought out a group of branding experts that could assist because they required assistance building their brand, which we happily agreed to help with.

In this case study, we'll discuss our collaboration with the client on design, branding, and marketing, as well as the steps leading to the brand's introduction.

Our client founded their company, which they describe as "a community of dog-friendly, fashion-forward, like-minded individuals who love to support and bring awareness to animal rescue efforts," as pet adoptions are expected to increase across the nation in 2020. This online shop aims to uplift, inform, and spread inspiration for pets by offering stylish apparel for animal lovers. Additionally, a portion of the company's profits are donated to national animal rescue and shelter organizations.

The project challenge

We had created a completely original idea in collaboration with the client, who required assistance in developing a brand identity and design. In addition, the creation of a new website and the start of social media marketing efforts required the use of this brand bundle.

Furthermore, this client's branding was crucial to:

  • develop empathy – the target company is a business fighting for a cause. Their branding package made it possible to build a connection and sense of empathy with their target audience;
  • create brand consistency: the company has more than 75,000 Instagram followers. It was easy to maintain uniformity throughout their social media channels when they had a well-established brand package;
  • build brand loyalty: the most well-known eCommerce firms like PayPal and Amazon have easily recognizable logos and marketing materials. For our client, the same procedure was required.

The project approach

Possibly the most significant stage of branding and brand development is brand strategy. The objective is to develop a brand identity that faithfully conveys the client's mission. Therefore, an essential part of brand planning is maintaining consistency with our client's desires.

To do this, we scheduled a meeting with the client's project management partner team to learn more about their organization and goal. Then, to be sure we were making progress in the correct direction, we held several meetings. The project managers from our side attended these sessions and used the design team to go to the following round.

The results

We were thrilled to receive feedback from the client expressing their satisfaction with the new brand assets and guidelines. The client has successfully incorporated these brand materials into their website, Instagram account, and all of their clothing and accessories. This brand development project has been a resounding success, establishing a strong brand presence to promote their products and mission. If you're looking to enhance your company's brand, feel free to contact us without hesitation.

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