Marketing Assets Design For A Major Food Company

Strategically targeting Millennials and Gen-Xers, our captivating design assets, in-store displays, and POS assets to create a visually stunning and enticing experience.

Design assets for this project

About the project

Bringing an international culinary experience to the dinner table is a crucial component of our client's company's present branding. This campaign aims to spread the word that natural ingredients are sourced from all over the world and are authentic. In addition, the aim was to utilize powerful design components and language to succinctly and attractively express those advantages.

Our client approached us intending to develop complete design brand messaging and innovative marketing collateral for social and digital platforms, in-store displays, and POS assets that appeal to Millennial and Gen-X consumers.

The project challenge

The main goal posed by our client was increasing the brand recognition and reach overall while also creating a stronger appeal for Millenial and Gen-X audiences that, for obvious reasons, have more culinary experience and are not as quickly swayed.

The project approach

Our design team produced branding materials that stood out on store shelves and caught the attention of potential customers while upholding the strong brand recognition that our client has already built with current customers to create new branding that resonates with the target demographic (Millennial and Gen-X shoppers).

It comprised sophisticated, brand-focused design for print and digital ads, website headers, and banner ads. Additionally, our design team produced branding content for products and categories, including social media posts and POS materials.

We gave our client two significant advantages by building a library of thorough brand messaging and imaginative marketing materials. We reaffirmed the client's current branding and communicated the whole range of products offered in a way that exemplifies the values our client offers to customers, including:

  • authentic recipes and food products with cultural roots and flavor experiences;
  • an emotional reaction to food: an international food experience at home;
  • a flavor experience that is both novel and recognizable.

The results

Our exquisite marketing design assets, showcased in grocery stores nationwide, aims to capture the attention of shoppers and deliver an authentic culinary journey from around the world directly to their tables.

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