Leveraging A Branded Competition Strategy To Cultivate A Flourishing Social Media Presence

In this captivating case study featured in our portfolio, we delve into our success story of harnessing a branded competition strategy to cultivate a thriving social media following. Through meticulous planning and execution, we developed and implemented a series of innovative contests that not only captured the attention of our target audience but also sparked their enthusiasm to actively participate and engage with our brand.

Design assets for this project

About the project

Our company is committed to offering a wide selection of all-natural, premium CBD products. A company from Canada had just started exporting a range of goods to the UK. To enhance people's lives and well-being, we aspire to create revolutionary cannabis products. Our goal is to unlock the benefits of cannabinoids in novel and exciting ways.

The project objectives

In particular, growing the brand awareness of our CBD company in the UK was one of our goals for the social media approach. Due to this, our campaign's goals were as follows:

  • gain more followers on UK-based social media, concentrating on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter;
  • increase UK involvement without coming across as "spam" ;
  • establish a voice and imagery that are appropriate for the UK.

The project approach

We started a timed competition to increase the following base primarily in the UK, along with the development of a custom weekly social strategy, the creation of assets (such as photographs, videos, and GIFs), content marketing campaigns, and engagement with various queries and testimonials.

The competition was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many people were under lockdown, hunkered down at home, and perhaps feeling scared or concerned about their health. We decided it would be an excellent time to give away products as a reward, grouping them into an "ultimate stay-at-home CBD kit" because the CBD business has been linked to facilitating this.

The competition's initial popularity stemmed from how current it was and how many people could relate to the reward, but we also used a number of other techniques to expand the competition's audience and increase the number of entries.

Throughout the event, it was crucial to take the initiative rather than sit back and hope for the best. As a result, we promoted the competition to the intended target demographic throughout the week on Facebook on behalf of the client by targeting a number of UK competition and wellness groups. The advertisements were spaced out to avoid appearing spammy or repetitious, and the voices used in each group were studied to make people feel included and trustworthy.

We used a variety of popular hashtags, such as #FreebieFriday and #WinItWednesday, when posting on Twitter while investigating the ideal times to publish these hashtags to ensure more entries. In addition, we kept promoting the competition on Instagram by making original photography that was always new and adding relevant hashtags to Instagram Stories.

The results

The brand's strategy yielded impressive outcomes, including a remarkable increase of 850 new UK followers within the first week and an impressive engagement of 3,169 organic interactions during the same period.

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