Generating New Leads for a Fortune 500 Company's Receivables Business

Discover how our client get 240 leads and more than 16,000 targeted impressions in only one month.

Design assets for this project

About the project

Our client, a Fortune 500 worldwide firm, has supported the growth of consumers, startups, big organizations, and financial institutions for over a century. Their integrated receivables line of business needed a new product solution, so they set out to position it. Our client's company sought assistance from our specialists to generate new leads and encourage website visitors to return for more details.

The project challenge

Our client's representatives and we developed eight gated asset campaigns in collaboration with their target market of financial professionals. These high-value materials, which included eBooks, whitepapers, and analyst reports, displayed the client's contemporary and authoritative brand and were provided to a particular industry audience.

The project approach

The following steps involved adding assets to the mix to provide customers with new material, gaining deeper performance-based data, and performing A/B testing on headlines and inventive formats.

We developed eight gated asset campaigns for their intended demographic of financial professionals. The distribution of these high-quality content pieces, including eBooks, whitepapers, and analyst reports, to a highly targeted industry audience displayed our client's contemporary and authoritative brand.

The results

The amount of high-quality content published is responsible for the quick pace at which these leads were delivered. In-depth research and knowledge were coupled with great visual design in these eight original pieces of content, which came in various creative formats.  

Our client was pleased with the campaigns they developed because they generated 240 leads in only one month and more than 16,000 targeted impressions in the same period.  

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