Expanding Market Reach and Driving Growth through Digital Channels for a Diesel Fuel and Services Provider

This case study presents the results of a project aimed at expanding the reach of a diesel fuel and services provider to small businesses through a new digital platform. The project objectives included marketing the brand and app to smaller businesses seeking a direct and reliable provider.

Design assets for this project

About the project

With a proven track record of delivering excellent service to large entities through our parent company and having just gone through a period of intensive growth and success, our client was looking to expand their remit to service small businesses with the launch of their new platform. As a result, an internal audit of their current digital channels was needed, assessing existing strategies and campaigns to craft a winning approach to help them reach their sales goals across a new market. 

The project objectives

A well-established diesel fuel and services provider engaged our digital team to market their new brand and app across digital channels. The app focuses on servicing smaller businesses that want a more direct and trusted provider rather than investing their time and resources in other expansive services. These insights were found through extensive market research and focus groups. Through a simple 4-step process, users can order, purchase, and receive fuel through our client's website or app. Our client can also track and oversee all orders that users have made through the development of a custom order dashboard.

The project approach

As the app was brand new in-market, it was up to our team to deliver a complete digital offering across their important channels. In addition, we wanted to ensure that all proper tracking was set up across these digital channels to help us and our client make more ROI-driven strategic decisions. Therefore, we proposed Google Search Ads and Facebook Prospecting and Remarketing strategies (through existing CRM integrations) to create highly segmented campaigns to convert new users on-site and send existing users back to the site to make repeat orders.

The results

The results of the project demonstrated successful implementation of the digital strategies, resulting in increased user engagement, conversions, and overall business growth. The project's success highlights the effectiveness of the chosen digital marketing tactics in reaching and engaging the target audience.

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