Driving International Brand Recognition Through Social Media

Through a strategic blend of organic and paid media, our comprehensive campaign aims to generate widespread international brand awareness, extending its reach across eight countries. With a meticulous focus on targeting diverse audiences, we are determined to establish a strong global presence and maximize our impact in each market.

Design assets for this project

About the project

The primary goal of CreativeSparksAgency was to increase brand recognition in the UK, Ireland, UAE, Malta, Spain, Switzerland, France, and Germany—the eight countries where they supplied their products. Companies are looking for innovative ways to engage with their target audience of parents of younger children, from the newborn to toddler stage, while adhering to the appropriate tone of voice and using recognizable visuals. Their primary focus for the strategy was social media, with Facebook and Instagram being a priority.

The project objectives

We developed a monthly social media strategy for the business using various assets, including product pictures, interactive GIFs and videos, relatable quotations, games, competitions, and new releases. We drew on our deep knowledge of organic and sponsored social media. With the client in mind, we ensured high engagement by focusing on topics like holidays worldwide, relatable trends, how the products will be used throughout the year, and specific product pushes.

The project approach

For each of the posts made over the month, we wrote the post copy, developed the asset (pictures, GIFS, and videos), and scheduled posts using our social media platform. Our team collaborated closely with community managers to convert our custom social media strategy into Spanish, French, and German. We also worked with Portugal and Belgium branches, which leveraged our social media content and assets for their business plans. This technique differs from others since we employ community managers in each nation familiar with the vocabulary, regional dialects, and trending hashtags, ensuring that the client's messaging is accurate.

Combining the paid and organic social media strategies was a success because it allowed us to be flexible with our budgets for each country, ensuring that while some posts were planned to be promoted, we were also able to track what was succeeding organically and use that information to increase our spending on other areas that were driving brand awareness.

We received millions of impressions from this campaign across all the various nations, which varied in the areas and audiences they reached but were precisely targeted at people who would buy potty training supplies, cleaning wipes, and other goods.

These impressions were generated by the hundreds of posts we published for the brand over a year, which also resulted in thousands of new page likes, tens of thousands of interactions, and thousands of website hits, where purchases were subsequently completed on Amazon or other online retailers. Throughout the plan, it was crucial to be proactive in obtaining followers and engaging with the community. It included keeping an eye on any questions in each region, having these translated, and having the answers translated and answered in a timely manner.

The results

The results of our comprehensive social media campaign were highly impactful and exceeded expectations. With a big amount of impressions generated across the targeted nations, our strategic combination of organic and paid strategies proved successful in driving brand awareness and engagement.

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