Content Marketing Success Story: Enhancing Brand Visibility and Recognition for a Leading Global Insurance Provider

Our primary objectives for this client were to increase traffic volume from both commercial and information-based keywords and enhance overall profitability by building trust, authority, and expanding the target audience.

Design assets for this project

About the project

Our client's company, based in Germany, can boast over 100 years on the market. They are one of the top insurers in the world, offering a variety of property, casualty, and life insurance products while doing business in several different countries.

The company offers a variety of general insurance products in the UK, including travel, business, and casualty insurance. Additionally, they have products for pensions and life insurance in their portfolio. Individuals, small enterprises, mid-sized and large firms, and global corporations are among their clients. The client's products are offered directly to the client via brokers and financial advisors.

The project challenge

Our client company has been working with our content marketing team as a consultant in collaboration to improve the brand's overall visibility and increase their success in search to further the client's reach and improve brand recognition.

The project approach

To develop ideas for new pages and decide which ones should be optimized, the internal teams involved in our "User Focused Content" (UFC) strategy with our client have adopted a collaborative approach.

Then, we carry out long-tail keyword research to find important inquiries on pertinent subjects with respectable search traffic.

These search phrases can then be utilized to generate user-focused content, such as tutorials, articles, and blogs, that adheres to Google's E-A-T algorithm. That material enhances the client's standing as a knowledgeable, credible, and authoritative source.

By closely collaborating with the editorial and development teams to increase site speed, we have been helping the target company's efforts to improve the consumer experience.

The results

Since 2022, the UFC (User Focused Content) approach has propelled the UFC towards significant progress. By aligning our content themes with business priorities, we have witnessed a substantial improvement in user-focused ranking performance.

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