Comprehensive Design Solutions for a Leading Auto Manufacturer

Check out how we developed a captivating presentation deck, skillfully leveraging storytelling techniques, to effectively market a flagship product within a remarkably constrained timeframe. Additionally, the deck incorporated stunning visuals that seamlessly complemented the narrative, resulting in a highly persuasive sales pitch.

Design assets for this project

About the project

For many years, our client has been one of the top car brands in the US. The Midwest auto industry, however, is sluggish despite historically low unemployment and an expanding economy, and our client is not the only automaker to experience weak sales. At a training session where they unveiled the 2019 models, our client aimed to energize their sales team and dealership owners. Although the date was drawing near, they still needed to prepare a presentation for the conference due to fluctuating deadlines and geographical disparities across dealerships.

The project challenge

Our client required a quick turnaround on creative work to inform local dealerships about the release of a new vehicle that we delivered. The turnaround was required to be a visually appealing deck that employed storytelling to market the goods at the same time.

The project approach

Our specialists designed a deck that included favorable press, bright images, and excellent design to assist in directing the conference and guarantee a lively debate. The project's success depended on meeting deadlines and responding quickly to criticism. The outcome? The presentation deck received a positive response from the team and significantly differed from anything that had ever been utilized in a conference.

The local team of our client's representatives reported that the presentation went quite well and that the new, revised presentation had drawn many compliments. They were particularly impressed with our agency's responsiveness and adaptability because they wished to change from using their agency of record for this project.

The results

In conclusion, our collaboration with the auto manufacturer successfully elevated their design aesthetics, positioning them as a leader in the industry. With our innovative design solutions, the client achieved a stronger brand presence, ultimately driving business growth and reinforcing their position as a trusted auto manufacturer.

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